Vital statistics
Name Principal
Kanji -
Romaji -
Age -
Gender Male
Affiliation Teacher, Principal
Birthday -
Race Human
Eyecolour -
Haircolour Black/brown
Debut Chapter 13.5

"Not at all. I simply did what I could." -Principal to a grateful Mato
The Principal is a side character of the Amanchu! series. He is the principal of Yumegaoka High school, and the owner of Advisor Tea and Ohime.

Appearance Edit

The Principal has extremely bushy hair, dark skin, and large lips. He also possesses a short stature, but large build, and wears glasses the hide his eyes.

Personality Edit

The Principal is a very helpful person, and he's also a very caring person. He cares about the well-being of everyone, and he does his best to make sure his students are well and happy.

Extra Edit

-His fingers are so fat that Ohime prefers not to suck on it

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga chapter 13.5

-Amanchu! manga chapter 16

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