Ohime is a side character in the Amanchu! series. She was previously an abandoned cat, but now she's a cat that resides in Yumegaoka Highschool, and belongs to the The Principal, just like Cha.

Appearance Edit


Ohime is fully covered in white fur, and has two large black eyes. Her face is shaped much like an upside-down heart, and her ears droop down. Ohime is a young kitten, so she's quite small; about the size of Hikari's fist. Her head is almost the size of the rest of her body. She also wears a red ribbon on her head and neck.

Personality Edit


Ohime is a free spirit. She does what she wants, no matter the distance or danger, like the time she traveled all the way from her bed to Futaba's classroom, nearly drowning herself in the process, just because she wanted to suck on her finger.

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  • Ohime and Cha are named after author Kozue Amano's real life white cats.
  • Ohime sleeps most of the time, and when she wakes up, she like to suck on people's fingers, especially Futaba's.
  • Ohime's name means 'grand princess', and the principal probably named her as such because she was like a princess, while Aria was her knight, because he constantly makes sure she's alright
  • Ohime doesn't understand Aria's love for her, and questions it sometimes


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