"I'm a teacher that always thinks about his students." -Towano to Ai
Mamoru Towano (永遠野 守) is a side character of the Amanchu! series. He is a teacher of Yumegoka Highschool, and teaches Ai's homeroom class.

History Edit

He is often seen drinking with Mato Katori and seems to get along with her quite well.

In the second season of Amanchu, episodes 7 to 9 tells the story of Mato Katori and Peter. In these episodes, it is revealed that Peter (the 'ghost') was Towano in the dreamworld (called affectionately as Neverland), and that after following the mysterious black cat, Towano recalls the story of his brief abandonment by his mother at the shrine, where Neverland was first created.

Appearances by Chapter / Episode Edit


  • He enjoys going out for beer
  • In the anime, his eyes are often hidden by his hair. The reason behind this was to hide the color of his eyes (which are purple), as they were the same as Peter's in the dreamworld.


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