"I just had some, sister problems." -Makoto to Mato
Makoto Ninomiya is a main character, and is the younger twin brother of Ai Ninomiya. He is a student of Yumegaoka High School, is in the same grade as his sister, and is one year older than Hikari and Futaba.

Appearance Edit

Amanchu - Anime Promo Artwork - Makoto Ninomiya
Makoto possesses pinkish-reddish hair, and he has green eyes, which are closed most of the time. He clips his bangs with two bobby pins, which is very similar to his sister, and on rainy days, he wears a significant amount of bobby pins, again, like his sister. He also has pale skin and normally wears the Yumegaoka uniform.

Personality Edit

Makoto is a quiet person, and is usually seen hanging around with his sister. This is not because he's shy, but probably because when he's around his sister, saying the wrong thing normally gets him a hard kick, even if he tries to run away beforehand. Makoto also gets attached to his things, so it's hard for him to throw them out, because of the memories they hold.

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Trivia Edit

  • Makoto's name means 'sincerity'
  • Makoto owns a kappa-styled cold resistant hood
  • At the autumn festival, Makoto served by carrying the Omikoshi


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