Kokoro Misaki
Vital statistics
Name Kokoro Misaki
Kanji 心美咲
Romaji Kokoro Misaki
Age 11
Gender Female
Affiliation Diver
Birthday March 3
Race Human
Eyecolour Pink
Haircolour Purple
Debut Chapter 33

"I aim to become the ideal 'man' of the sea!" -Kokoro to Hikari
Kokoro is a side character in the AMANCHU! series. She considers herself to be a 'man' of the sea, and adores Hikari.

Appearance Edit


Kokoro is much shorter than many of the characters, as she is only 11. She also has tanned skin and pink-ish purple eyes. Her light purple hair is short and tied up in a ponytail.

Extra Edit

-Kokoro's blood type is B

-Kokoro's name means "heart"

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga chapter 33


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