"It's alright, raise your head. After all, it's right before you eyes. This Nirvana-like world, stretching endlessly over the horizon." Kino to Futaba

Kino Kohinata
Kino Kohinata
Vital statistics
Name Kino Kohinata
Kanji 小日向きの
Romaji Kino Kohinata
Age 66
Gender Female
Affiliation elderly
Birthday July 29
Race Human
Eyecolour Light brown
Haircolour Grey
Debut Chapter 1

Kino is a side character in the Amanchu! series. She's the owner of the Amanchu diving school, and the grandmother of Hikari Kohinata.

Appearance Edit

Kino full-0

Kino possesses grey hair, and light brown eyes. She is usually seen wearing a yellow shirt, a blue skirt, a pink sweater, and a bandana around her neck, while smoking. She also wears red earrings and black shoes.

Family Edit

-Hikari Kohinata (Granddaughter)

-Hikari's grandpa (Husband)

-Unnamed grandson (Grandson)

-Kodama Kohinata (Granddaughter)

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