The folly of youth, you see, is that you sometimes convince yourself that your world is confined to a familiar object the size of your palm. But it's alright, look up and you'll see that there's an endless world of fun staring you right in the face."

— Kino Kohinata to Futaba Ooki, Episode 01

Kino Kohinata is a side character in the Amanchu! series. She's the owner of the Amanchu diving school, and the grandmother of Hikari Kohinata.

History Edit

Kino is the owner of Amanchu-ya beach cafe where she also rents diving supplies. An ex-diver herself, she now has a quiet life serving food to tourists and other visitors to her area of the beach in Izu, Shizuoka. Business there is quite quiet, except during rare rush periods like school breaks.

Kino is first seen in Chapter 1 of the Amanchu! manga, where is observing a diving class from her cafe's porch. This is where she first meets Futaba Ooki, and Kino gives her advice not to spend her days seeing the world from behind her cellphone's screen, and to instead treasure her youth by taking in the world around her, including the beauty of the ocean. Kino learns that Futaba is to be joining her granddaughter, Hikari Kohinata, in attending Yumegaoka High School.

Appearance Edit

Amanchu - Anime Promo Artwork - Kino Kohinata
Amanchu (anime) - Kino Kohinata (Chibi)

Kino is an elderly lady usually shown smoking cigarettes. Her grey hair is sometimes shown as having a purple rinse and her eyes, though usually closed, are dark grey. Her usual outfit consists of a yellow shirt, a blue skirt, a pink sweater, and a blue bandana around her neck or head. She also wears red earrings and dark red shoes. In her chibi appearance she is shown with thin closed eyes and a thin mouth.

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