"When you're in the sea, you can only hear your breathing at first, and then, little by little, that sound slowly melts into the water. And eventually, you can't tell between your body and the sea itself. At that time, I would realize...all is born from the sea."-Hikari to Futaba

Hikari Kohinata
Vital statistics
Name Hikari Kohinata
Kanji 小日向光
Romaji Kohinata Hikari
Age 15
Gender Female
Affiliation Divers
Birthday January 31st
Race Humans
Eyecolour Yellow
Haircolour Green
Debut Chapter: 1

Hikari Kohinata is a main character in the AMANCHU! series. She is a diver, a Yumegaoka High School student in the same class as Futaba, and the granddaughter of Kino Kohinata.

Hikari full

Appearance Edit

Hikari possesses chin-length green hair and vibrant yellow eyes. She stands below average at a height of 148cm as a 15 year old girl. Hikari was shown to be athletic as she was able to jump from some great height and survive, she is also seen to love diving.

Personality Edit

Like most Kozue Amano main characters, Hikari is optimistic and is mostly never seen depressed. If she were, she'd recover very soon. She has a liking to giving people 'cute' nicknames such as Dotty, and Cha. When she's complimented or thanked, she can become quite flustered sometimes. She's not afraid to tell the truth, even if it gets her in trouble, such as the time when she had to tell the truth about intruding into the Diving room. She's also the type to start thinking negatively after thinking about a subject for too long. Sometimes depicted as hyper-active, Hikari carries around a diver's whistle and also changes the negative with her most heard phrase 'Let's A GO!'.

Family Edit

-Kino Kohinata (Grandma)

-Hikari's grandpa (Grandpa)

-Unnamed brother (Brother)

-Kodama Kohinata (Sister)

Hikari kohinata by iconsofanimes-da9umwz

Extra Edit

  • Hikari's name means 'Light'.
  • She loves stars
  • Hikari owns pink panties with a chocolate strawberry design
  • She is afraid of bugs
  • She is one of the only human characters who goes by a nickname; the other being Futaba (Dotty)
  • Hikari is good at waking up in the morning
  • The whistle Hikari wears is a gift from her grandmother, who used it as a protective charm
  • Pikari is Hikari's nickname

References Edit

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