"When you're in the sea, you can only hear your breathing at first, and then, little by little, that sound slowly melts into the water. And eventually, you can't tell between your body and the sea itself. At that time, I would realize...all is born from the sea."-Hikari to Futaba

Hikari Kohinata (小日向光), nicknamed "Pikari" (ぴかり) is a main character in the Amanchu! series. She is a diver, a Yumegaoka High School student in the same class as Futaba, and the granddaughter of Kino Kohinata.

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Amanchu - Anime Promo Artwork - Hikari Kohinata
Hikari has chin-length green hair and vibrant yellow eyes. She is athletic, and stands below average at a height of 148 cm as a 15 year old girl.

In her super-deformed form, she is drawn with eyes similar to Sgt. Frog and a wide semi-circular mouth.

Personality Edit

Hikari is optimistic to the point of being hyperactive, and is rarely negative or depressed. She is prone to being very impulsive, sometimes putting herself in physical danger due to acting on her impulse, such as jumping from great heights, or getting into trouble in class, such as playing with her stationary or distracting Futaba. This impulsive nature is usually prompted by trying to find the fun in an everyday or boring situation. She says "うぴょ!" (u-pyo! meaning "whoop!") extremely often, sometimes as an exclamation on its own but often in a sentence. When nervous, Hikari blows a marching beat into her Diver's whistle, which she carries with her everywhere, sometimes even trying to communicate through it instead of speaking her sentences out loud. She is at her most calm when seeing beautiful natural sights, such as the annual blooming of hydrangeas or the sakura blossoming, and is willing to travel long distances just to see them. She is incredibly passionate about diving, and finds peace in the ocean.

Hikari likes to give characters nicknames when she makes friends with them, sometimes nicknames that are obvious, like Cha ("because he always says it!"), or sometimes more obtuse nicknames, like Teko (because her eyebrows look like dakuten). She is loyal to her friends, and goes out of her way to try and make them smile again when they're feeling low, usually in a creative way they wouldn't have anticipated, and is prone to cheering her friends on in tough situations with "Fight!". She is close to her grandmother, who makes her favorite food, tonjiru.

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  • Her first name Hikari (光), means "light", whereas her surname Kohinata (小日向) is most noteably read as "basking in the sunlight" or "facing towards the sun".
  • Her nickname Pikari (ぴかり) means "flashy", "sparkling" or "shining brightly". Her nickname from Ai Ninomiya is Bakari (ばかり) which is a parody of this, combining Hikari and the japanese word "baka" (ばか) meaning idiot.
  • She loves stars
  • She is afraid of bugs
  • Hikari is good at waking up in the morning
  • The whistle Hikari wears is a gift from her grandmother, who used it as a protective charm


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