"In a deserted classroom in the afternoon. During the middle of golden week. The sounds of the baseball club practicing in the distance melts into our silence. The usual classroom, but not quite the same...rather, it's as if we're in an alternate dimension." -Futaba

Futaba Ooki
Futaba Ooki
Vital statistics
Name Futaba Ooki
Kanji 大木双葉
Romaji Ooki Futaba
Age 16
Gender Female
Affiliation Divers
Birthday April 3rd
Race Humans
Eyecolour Violet
Haircolour Black
Debut Chapter: 1

Futaba Ooki ('Dotty' by her friends) is a main character of the AMANCHU! series, she was first introduced as a normal high-schooler of Yumegaoka High School, but when she encountered Pikari, she also became a diver.

Appearance Edit

Futaba full

One of the most notable features Futaba has are her 'thin' eyebrows, in which she was nicknamed Dotty as they looked like dots. She has long black hair, which is sometimes depicted as brown. Futaba has violet eyes, and like many characters in Amanchu, Futaba has pale skin. She is also mainly seen wearing the Yumegaoka uniform, unless she's outside of school.

Personality Edit

Futaba was shown to be very introverted at the beginning of the story, it was seen that she was uncomfortable even to introduce herself to the class, in which, all she said was her name. Aside from that, Futaba can be very easy-going and positive, and she loves taking pictures with her mobile phone and saves them as precious memories. She also considers herself to be a weakling, but she really isn't. She has a bad habit of running away from the things she doesn't like, such as running, or weights, but she's also surprisingly competitive; hating to lose.


Extra Edit

  • Futaba has a moped license and commutes to school with a scooter.
  • Futaba's name means 'bud' or 'sprout'
  • Fubata is extremely skilled at the children's game : "The Daruma Doll Has Tumbled"
  • She is afraid of bugs
  • Futaba is bad at waking up in the morning

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