Chapter two: Yumegaoka High
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Yumegaoka High is the second chapter of Amanchu!

Previous Chapter: Chapter One

Next Chapter: Chapter Three

Synopsis Edit

  1. Hikari sets off to her new school for the first time
  2. Hikari encounters a teacher on the way there, and they race towards the school
  3. After taking a huge leap and landing hard on the ground, Hikari and the teacher both find out they're divers.

Summary Edit

Hikari starts preparing for school, checking things off as she goes. Before she leaves, she remembers the five things to keep in mind: preparation, setting, time, atmosphere, and action. When she leaves, she encounters different situations for the first time, such as getting familiar with the bus stop,

Amanchu ch02 hq acs.012

the bus schedule, having her first bus ride to school, etc. She's constantly blowing her whistle on the way, excited and very content. During her bus ride, she meets a woman going to the same destination as her. Getting off the bus, they began having a race, and both seemed to be having fun, no matter how competitive it was. Near the end of the race, the woman used the help of her motorcyclist friend, and when it seemed like Hikari was going to lose, Hikari managed to take a great leap off a cliff and landed hard on the ground. Alarmed, the woman ran over and asked if Hikari was all right. As her whistle was in her mouth, Hikari's answer was a bit hard to hear, but the teacher spoke anyways, saying that using the 'step-in method' from that height was very astounding. Hikari agreed, saying that the 'surface conditions' weren't very good. From those terms, the two of them realized that the other was a diver. The woman made a hand sign for 'Are you okay?', and Hikari made a hand sign saying, 'I'm okay'. The two immediately hugged, and when they separated, the woman made a comment that things have gotten very interesting.

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter two:

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