Chapter three: School life
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School life is the third chapter of Amanchu!

Previous Chapter: Chapter Two

Next Chapter: Chapter Four

Synopsis Edit

  1. Futaba starts her new school life, and constantly encounters Hikari, and together, they walk towards the same homeroom.
  2. The woman Hikari met earlier in the day (in Chapter Two) greeted the class, introducing herself as Mato Katori, and had everyone introduce themselves
  3. Mato made a short speech, telling everyone to work hard and study, but to also have fun.

Summary Edit

Futaba arrives at school, and bumps into Hikari, and the two gather with the other freshmen, looking at a chart of all the different classes. Afterwards, Futaba goes to find her

Chapt 3

shoe locker, which was coincidentally right next to Hikari's. Finding well-made cards in their shoe locker, they open it and realize that it shows a map of the school, and it leads them towards their class. When they reach their destination, the two girls make their way to their desks, following the seat diagram drawn on the board. Coincidentally, Hikari is right behind Futaba! As all the

Chapte 3

students file in, a teacher stands in front of the class. (She's the same woman that Hikari met in chapter 2.) The teacher introduces herself as Mato Katori, and then instructed the class to introduce themselves. As Futaba was a shy person, she had no idea what to say, and when it was her turn, she merely whispered, "Ooki Futaba". Right afterwards, she chastises herself for being so lame. Hikari introduced herself next, but before she says anything, she blows into her whistle multiple times, before Mato stops her, telling her that the whistle-blowing was really annoying. Hikari starts over, and naturally introduces herself, telling the class of her hobbies and her nickname, etc., while Futaba watches in awe. The teacher's focus lands back on Futaba, as she asks if the said girl had a nickname, and her answer was no. Hikari comments that Futaba's hair is very pretty, and that her eyebrows are so thin, they look like dots, therefore nicknaming Futaba, 'Dotty'. Afterwards, Mato starts a speech about diligence and hard work, but she tosses those things aside, and instead, encourages the students to have as much fun as they can while learning during their next three years in highschool, because "Fun is right, fun is the greatest, and fun is limitless!" -Mato.

Cited Sources Edit

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