Chapter 10: Meeting Again






Episode 5

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Chapter 9: Springtime Murkiness

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Chapter 11: Meeting

Meeting Again is the tenth chapter of AMANCHU!

Previous Chapter: Chapter Nine

Next Chapter: Chapter Eleven

Synopsis Edit

  1. Hikari and Futaba jog around the school
  2. They meet the customers from the previous chapter, who are coincidentally part of the diving club
  3. Hikari and Futaba apologize to their sempais for breaking into the club and using the suits without permission

Summary Edit


Hikari is jogging around the school with an exausted Futaba, because their supervisor, Mato, told them that they needed to work on Futaba's fitness. Futaba told Hikari to go ahead, and she did so. While jogging, Hikari saw the two customers from a while back (chapter 9), and they all started chatting. Hikari learns that the two siblings were part of the diving club, but when the brother starts talking about the two new members (Hikari and Futaba), the sister kicks him in the back, ranting on about how disrespectful they were about breaking in and using


the suits, and Hikari stood there, shocked and scared. Then Futaba appeared, catching up to the three. Surprised, Futaba greeted the two siblings, while Hikari got really scared, because Futaba hadn't heard the previous conversation. The sister started talking to Futaba about the club they were in, and Futaba's answers got dangerously close to revealing that they were in the diving club, until Hikari pulled the raven haired girl away and explained everything. Then, the two fearful girls decided to apologize. Back at the school entrance, the two senior students and Mato are talking about the two young girls, and the sister stands up and leaves, saying that she would use her fist to


have a nice, long chat with the younger club members. Once she leaves, Hikari and Futaba arrive, and the sister finds them talking to Mato, and chases after them. During the chase, Futaba's pants fall down, and she's unable to run. Hikari decides to stand between the angered senior student and Futaba, bravely telling her senior that she wants to join the diving club. Then, she kneels completely and apologizes, and Futaba follows suit, while thir senior stand there, shocked. At the end, the two younger students go home, and the tree other members of the diving club talk about those girls, and the sister accepts them into the club.

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter ten:

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