Chapter Six: Dotty and Pikari
Chapter 6






Episode 3

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Dotty and Pikari is the sixth chapter of AMANCHU!

Previous Chapter: Chapter Five

Next Chapter: Chapter Seven

Synopsis Edit

  1. Hikari and Futaba join the diving club
  2. Mato teaches Futaba about air pressure

Summary Edit

The chapter starts with Futaba and Hikari in front of the


Diving club, ready to officially join. Entering, the two see Mato, who asks them if they knew about an intruder who broke in last week. Hikari excitedly put up her hand, and said that it was Hikari herself who was the intruder. Her response was met with a smack in the head from Mato, who then asked the two why they were here. They answered that they were here for the tryouts, and then Mato smiled and welcomed them to the Diving club, telling them that she was the supervisor. Hikari then pointed to Advisor Cha, who was sitting on the windowsill, saying that he was the real supervisor. Futaba asked Mato if they would go into the water during the tryout, and to the student's surprise, the answer was no, because they needed theory lessons before going into the water. Mato uses Hikari's nickname 'Pikari' when she asks her if she knows everything already, being a diver, to which the answer was "yes".


Mato then began teaching Futaba about air pressure for a few minutes. By the end, Futaba understood everything, and was overjoyed, because it felt like everything was clicking together. Hikari commented with a blush that

Futaba's happiness had infected her, and asked her if she wanted to dive together with her, calling her 'Dotty'. Futaba replied with "Okay...Pikari!" to a shocked, and then overjoyed Hikari, who hugged the raven-haired girl.

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter six:

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