Chapter Seven: Roadside Station






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Roadside Station is the seventh chapter of AMANCHU!

Previous Chapter: Chapter Six

Next Chapter: Chapter Eight

Synopsis Edit

  1. Hikari, Futaba and Mato go to a mall to celebrate the two students joining the diving club

Summary Edit

The chapter starts with Futaba riding her mo-ped to Futaba, Hikari, and Mato's meeting place, when she bumps into none other than Hikari and Mato! When they reach the meeting place, Mato tells the two students to wait outside.


As they wait, Futaba thanks Hikari, telling her that it was because of her that Futaba was able to take initiative in order to join the Diving club. Hikari blushes and tells her that all she did was invite her, while Futaba still believes that it was influential. She continues to wonder aloud how she was able to take a first step this time, when a huge wave splashes against the wall, creating a temporary wall of water, which made Futaba remember the old lady whom she met before. She remembered that the lady reminded her that the sea was so vast, and she hoped that somewhere in the sea, she would be able to find herself.


She thanked Hikari again, saying that if it wasn't for her, or the old lady, she wouldn't have been able to take the first step. Hikari blushes again says 'no', while Mato pops up out of nowhere, shaking her head and saying that it was adolescence, and self discovery. Hikari runs off, still blushing, and Mato and Futaba follow her, walking. Mato tells her that in anything, you need to take a first step, or nothing will change. Hikari returns to them and brings them to a monument, where you write down a wish on a fortune ribbon, then wish on it with all of your heart. The chapter closes as Hikari and Futaba make the wish.

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter seven:

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