Chapter One: The Girl and the sea
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Chapter Two: Yumegaoka High

The girl and the sea is the first chapter of Amanchu!

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1.  Hikari (a diver), dives into the ocean.

2. An unnamed girl appears on her motorcycle, talking to Hikari's grandmother as she's 'looking at the ocean' (but actually texting on her phone.), before Hikari's gradmother tells her to raise her head, since it's right before her eyes.

3. Hikari returns, with other divers.


We meet a diver named Hikari, who is on her last spring break in middle school. She prepares to dive into the ocean, while talking to her grandmother for a bit, discussing pork soup, and her love of the sea. Hikari wades into the water, carrying a bucket over her head, describing it as her 'secret weapon'. She cheerily shouts, "I'm off!", while the grandmother remains at the Amanchu diving shop.


Futaba's appearance!

A raven-haired girl on a scooter appears, and while on her phone, sits on a large boulder, overlooking the ocean. The grandmother decides to talk to this girl (whom we find out later is Futaba), and eventually find out that Hikari and the unnamed girl will be going to the same high school.


A rock nearly hits Hikari

Futaba picks up a large rock and drops it in the water beneath her; nearly accidentally hitting a puzzled and frantic Hikari with it, who was coincidentally floating near the boulder. After a bit more awkward small talk, the black-haired female revealed that she was here to look at the ocean.

The grandmother takes this in, and offers a drink. Futaba accepts, and turns to where the voice of the grandma came from, but the elderly lady was gone, and appeared on a boulder near the raven-haired girl. She handed her the drink, right when a huge wave crashed onto the boulder, creating a massive wall of water, spraying the surprised girl, and the indifferent grandmother. Futaba is amazed, and truly looks at the ocean for the first time.

"This nirvana-like world, stretching endlessly into the horizon"

The grandmother takes this as an opportunity, and tells Futaba that she's still young, so she should really look up and enjoy this paradise-like world. 

Hikari returns with other divers, and everyone was in awe of the beauty of the ocean that they experienced. One diver said that even though it was cold, it was worth it, because the water was so clear. Suddenly, Hikari said "Pork soup time" and everybody recognized the scent of the grandma's pork soup, and they crowded around her and her pot of soup. As Hikari ran back in the water to collect something, she noticed a girl riding away on a scooter. She squinted her eyes, but a shout from her grandma brought her back, and she joined the other divers in their meal.

  • Futaba on scooter
  • "Secret weapon"
  • The beautiful ocean

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter 1:

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