Chapter Nine: Springtime Murkiness






Episode 4

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Springtime Murkiness is the ninth chapter of AMANCHU!

Previous Chapter: Chapter Eight

Next Chapter: Chapter Ten

Synopsis Edit

  1. Futaba watches as Hikari instructs a diving session with two customers

Summary Edit

Hikari, Kino and Futaba are at the Amanchu shop, and Futaba learns that Hikari will be instructing divers soon. The raven-haired girl is amazed, and wishes her the best.

Hikari meets the two customers, and instructs how to properly check if the suits are ready to go into the water, but the two customers seem to be very familiar with the suits. Then, the customers pulled out cold resistant hoods, one shaped like a monkey's head, and the other like a kappa's head, and the three divers went into the ocean, as Futaba stayed on the shore with Kino.


Futaba awkwardly sits, before Kino tells her that in the springtime, the ocean become murky, due to the growing phytoplankton, and visibily dramatically drops in the ocean. Futaba starts worrying about Hikari, and when the three come back, they said that they couldn't see anything, but happily set off to do it again. Confused, Futaba asks why they still enjoy it so much. Kino tells her that it's only in the springtime that people can see the cycle of life in the ocean.


Afterwards, when Hikari went to wash down all of her gear with the other customers, she noticed a bundle which looker like her panties closeby. Suddenly, one of the customers reached for them, but Hikari was faster, and grabbed it, to the surprise of the customer. Hikari smiled and nodded her head frantically, and the customer just nodded. As the two customers left, Hikari went with Futaba to shower, and when Hikari unraveled the bundle, she realized it was actually the monkey cold resistant hood that belonged to the customers, much to their dismay.

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter nine:

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