Chapter Four: A Path in the air
Chapt 4






Episode 2


Chapter Three: School Life


Chapter Five: Cherry Blossom Path

A Path in the air is the fourth chapter of AMANCHU!

Previous Chapter: Chapter Three

Next Chapter: Chapter Five

Synopsis Edit

  1. Futaba follows Hikari to the pool, and further, into the Diving club room, where they try on the diving suits (without permission)
  2. Hikari dives into the pool, followed by an unsure Futaba, where they float on the surface

Summary Edit


The chapter begins in the classroom, where Mato explains that student clubs are mandatory, and that the tryouts are next week. Futaba becomes very concerned, as she just wants to go home after school, instead of going to clubs. She suddenly sees Hikari heading the opposite way of the school entrance, and follows her to the pool. Hikari goes


into the diving club room, and a curious but hesitant Futaba follows.As she walks in, Futaba sees Hikari and a cat, whom Hikari nicknamed "Advisor Tea", because of the colour of his ears and tail. Hikari notices Futaba staring at the suits, and teaches her about the two different types of diving suits. Eventually, they put the diving suits on, and Hikari takes it further and jumps into the pool. She encourages Futaba to join her, and eventually, Futaba jumps in as well. The two girls float, and when Hikari asks if Futaba would dive with her, the response was, "I might consider it".

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter four:

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