Chapter 5: Cherry Blossom Path
Chapter 5






Episode 3


Chapter Four: A Path in the Air


Chapter Six: Dotty and Pikari

Cherry Blossom Path is the fifth chapter of AMANCHU!

Previous Chapter: Chapter Four

Next Chapter: Chapter Six

Synopsis Edit

  1. Hikari walks home with Futaba, listening as Futaba talks about her lack of courage and insecurity
  2. Hikari shows Futaba a path with cherry blossom lining the sides
  3. Hikari cheers Futaba up through the words she tells her

Summary Edit

Chapt 5

The chapter starts with Hikari asking to walk home with Futaba, who accepts. As they walk, Futaba thanks Hikari, and says that she is grateful to her, and continues to talk about Tokyo, Ito, and her lack of courage. Hikari listens, and they continue to talk a bit more, when Futaba realizes that they already passed the bus stop, where Hikari normally goes home. Suddenly, Hikari asks if Futaba feels insecure, to which the reply was "Yes". Then, Hikari quotes her grandmother, saying that 'the person who thinks he is unlucky will always be unlucky', Spinning

Chap 5

Futaba, they stop, and in front of them is a path of cherry blossoms, with low-hanging cherry blossom trees lining the sides. Hikari explains that she wanted Futaba to see it, because she was new in Ito. Then, she asks Futaba if she feels lucky, and the reply was 'yes'. Hikari happily told her that there was no problem, because (quoting her grandmother again) 'the person who thinks he is lucky will always be a truly lucky fellow.' She takes it further, saying that Futaba also has Hikari, so it will be fine. Futaba ends off the chapter, mentally thanking Hikari and appreciating her efforts to cheer her up.

Cited Sources Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter five:

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