Episode 5

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Meeting is the eleventh chapter of AMANCHU!

Previous Chapter: Chapter Ten

Next Chapter: Chapter Twelve

Synopsis Edit

  1. The diving club (consisting of Hikari, Futaba, Ai, Makoto, and Mato) have a meeting and get to know each other
  2. They talk about Futaba becoming a diver

Summary Edit

During an emergency diving club meeting, Futaba gazes out the window, as she thinks about her surroundings. Hikari voices her exact thoughts, and suddenly, their red-haired senpai stops them and tells the 'poets' to be quiet for a few minutes. Her brother arrives with their lunch, and while Hikari and their female senpai searches through the bags, Futaba asks for the names of the two older students. They introduce themselves as Ai and Makoto Ninomiya, and a grade higher than Hikari and Futaba.

As they eat, the students discuss what the Diving club would be doing from now on. Most of the things they discuss linked to the fact that they need to help Futaba, as she is a beginner. When Futaba realized this, she blushed and apologized for making them do extra work to help her, but Ai told her it would be good revision for the three experienced divers. Ai also informs her that she needs to "obtain the 'Open Diving' license as [her] first step to become a diver". The raven haired girl ponders this, and becomes a little excited at the thought of becoming a diver. Ai creates a schedule for Futaba so that she'll be able to obtain her Open Diving license by summertime.

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter eleven:

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