Chapter Eight: Pool Training






Episode 4

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Pool Training is the eighth chapter of AMANCHU!

Previous Chapter: Chapter Seven

Next Chapter: Chapter Nine

Synopsis Edit

  1. Hikari and Futaba try diving in a pool, but when water keeps getting into Futaba's mask, she becomes greatly discouraged
  2. Hikari encourages her and they try again together, and their diving is successful

Summary Edit

In front of the school pool, Hikari, Futaba and Mato are equipped with diving suits and are ready to dive. They get in the water, and play around for a bit, before adjusting their suits in order to dive.


They go in the water, but water constantly enters Futaba's mask, causing her to accidentally inhale the water. They try it again two more times, but the water continued to become a problem. Futaba tried the mask-clearing technique, but the water continued to go in, discouraging her and so, she turned to leave.


Hikari called after her, telling her to try, or else nothing would be accomplished. Futaba starts to cry a bit, but Hikari tells her it will be okay, since she'll be with her. As they go into the water again, Hikari moves Futaba's mask down a bit, and Futaba finds that she can breathe, and that the water no longer goes into her mask. Elated, she and Hikari go into the deeper end of the pool. An overjoyed Futaba and a happy Hikari come out of the water, and Futaba believes that with the two of them together, they would be able to do anything.

References Edit

-Amanchu! manga, chapter eight:

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