Fun times will always come to an end, right? That's okay, I think. It's okay because then, moments like this can shine brightly in our minds!

Ai Ninomiya

Neverland (永遠の国 Eien no Kuni lit. Eternal Country) is the thirty-fifth chapter of the Kozue Amano manga Amanchu!.

It was originally published in Monthly Comic Blade, and was later republished in Amanchu! Volume 6 on May 10th, 2013.


Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 35 - 01
The previous chapter continues, and Ai Ninomiya is pulled through the halls by Peter with his hand in hers. Ai questions to herself whether this is a date, and tries to calm herself down. She tells Peter that she's dragged through the halls the contrast of the bright classrooms and the pitch dark hallways makes her feel like she's lost in a parallel universe, even though she's in her familiar school, and that it would be wonderful if it never had to end.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 35 - 02
Peter suddenly stops dead, causing Ai to crash into his back. With a serious look on his face, he asks her if she really means what she said. She thinks for a moment, and tells him maybe, but that she's actually ok with the fact that fun times have to come to an end because it makes them shine more brightly in their memories, and it means that sad times come to end eventually too
Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 35 - 03
- sad times and happy times are both equal, and it's part of the world's balance. Peter looks pained. Suddenly Mato Katori arrives and grabs hold of Ai's wrist. Peter laughs, and tells her that he could never forget the person who gave him his name - Mato herself. She asks him what he plans to do with Ai. He explains that he is happy to return Ai to Mato, because he realised he was mistaken about her. Mato asks him how long he intends to "keep this up", and he tells her he only takes people who wish to be taken away. Peter says his goodbyes, and walks off into the stairwell.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 35 - 04
Mato leads Ai back to her classroom. As they walk, Mato explains that Peter is one of the "seven wonders" of the school, and is a ghost who spirits away students who are having fun in the now and wish it could last forever, and he only appears on special days like Zenyasai. Ai struggles to believe it, but Mato points out that the stairwell where he walked away is a dead end, and he infact vanished there. Mato tells Ai that once when she was in middle school Peter had appeared to her too and invited her to go with him.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 35 - 05
The next morning, Ai sits next to her brother Makoto and thinks over what happened the previous night. She believes that Peter isn't trying to be a malevolent ghost, but just wants someone to laugh and spend time with and is probably very lonely. Futaba Ooki and Hikari Kohinata shout down to Ai from the roof, where they just put the finishing touches on their class' project. Ai looks up at the school entrance and sees they have made an enormous mosaic of the flying scene from Peter Pan.

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