When I see people trying their very best, I feel happy without even realizing it!

Ai Ninomiya

Love Letter (ラブレター Raburetā) is the fifteen chapter of the Kozue Amano manga Amanchu!.

It was originally published in Monthly Comic Blade, and later republished in Amanchu! Volume 3 on August 10th, 2010.


Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 15 - 01
At Yumegaoka High School, Makoto Ninomiya finds his sisters Ai Ninomiya behaving strangely in front of her shoe locker. He peers over her shoulder and sees that there's an envelope beside her shoes. Both Makoto and Ai presume this is a love letter, and Ai freaks out, running off with her brother in pursuit.

Ai and Makoto join with the rest of the Diving Club for endurance training, where Ai over-enthusiastically starts exercising so that she can avoid talking about the love letter situation with her brother. She sets off on a long distance run at a high speed and her brother chases after her until he finally catches up to her, only for Ai to turn around and dropkick him.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 15 - 02
Makoto tries to ask Ai about the letter, and she draws his attention to a boy nearby on the baseball field - the boy who wrote the letter. He's a rough looking boy from the baseball team who was put into their class earlier that year who has never really spoken to her - Ai wonders aloud why he would leave a letter like that in her shoe locker. Having finally acknowledged it, she suddenly gets extremely embarrassed.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 15 - 03
Makoto encourages her to take a look at the letter, so she opens it up, but her face then drops and she runs away - the letter was actually intended for the girl whose shoelocker is below hers. Makoto assumes that Ai will be devastated or angry, but to his surprise Ai is smiling. She tells Makoto that she's sure the boy was really nervous writing a letter like that, and that going so far to communicate his feelings must have taken a huge amount of courage, so she can't help but be happy for him that he was able to send the letter even if he put it in the wrong locker - seeing people try their best is something that makes her feel happy. She tells Makoto that she should be thankful for this experience, and that it should be encouragement for them Makoto, and he responds that it should be encouragement for her too. The two smile.

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