As long as I live, I will never recognize such arrogant people as new members!

Ai Ninomiya

Meeting Again (再 会 Sai-Kai) is the tenth chapter of the Kozue Amano manga Amanchu!.

It was originally published in Monthly Comic Blade on July 30th, 2009 and later republished in Amanchu! Volume 2 on February 10th, 2010.


Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 10 - 01
At Yumegaoka High School, Hikari Kohinata is jogging around the school grounds while enjoying the warm weather and gentle breeze. After finishing her lap, she catches up to an exhausted Futaba Ooki, who is still on her first lap. The two girls are doing basic fitness training on the insistence of their Diving Advisor Mato Katori, who is concerned that Futaba's fitness needs to improve before she can safely dive. Hikari jogs alongside Futaba for a while, before Futaba insists Hikari goes on ahead because if she isn't jogging at her own pace, but Futaba's, then Hikari isn't properly training.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 10 - 02
Jogging onwards, Hikari runs into Ai Ninomiya and her brother Makoto Ninomiya, who all recognise one another from the dive they recently took together. Hikari learns that the siblings are members of the Diving Club, and ask her if she's interested in joining, unaware that she already has. Hikari is shocked that these two were her seniors in the club all along, and doesn't reply. Makoto talks to Ai about the fact two students had already joined the club that they hadn't met, but who had trespassed into the Diving Club room to try on the wetsuits without permission. Ai kicks her brother in anger and goes on an intense rant that she will not approve of anyone who is so arrogant and believes that the entire world is theres and will she will never recognize them as club members - completely unaware that Hikari and Futaba are the culprits.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 10 - 03
Futaba jogs up to the group and says hello to Hikari. Hikari panics because Futaba didn't hear the previous conversation from the twins - she drags Futaba away before she can get them into any trouble with Ai. Away from the siblings, she fills Futaba in on the situation. Futaba and Hikari agree that they should go and apologize to Ai and Makoto. Meanwhile, elsewhere on the school grounds, Mato tries to convince Ai and Makoto to meet the two new divers and give them a chance. Ai reluctantly agrees, but only to have a "nice long talk to them with my fist" and walks off. Futaba and Hikari arrive and talk to Mato and Makoto for a while about the situation, but Ai returns and spots them talking to one another. Futaba and Hikari begin running and Ai chases after them, but during the chase Futaba's pants fall down and she has to stop running. Hikari decides to stand between Ai and Futaba, bravely telling her senior that she wants to join the diving club. The two get on their hands and knees to apologize deeply. Ai is taken aback.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 10 - 04
Later, Futaba and Hikari walk home together, while back at the school Mato talks to Ai about the two new members. Makoto tells Mato that they'd both met them both before when Futaba had been their diving instructor at the beach. He explains that Hikari had done her best to keep them entertained even though the visibility was so poor due to the springtime murkiness of the water so she must really love diving. Ai interrupts to say that just loving diving isn't enough, because if they were to take such impulsive actions during a real emergency in a dive it is too dangerous and she won't accept it so insists it will be up to her to knock that bad behaviour out of them - reluctantly accepting them into the club.

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