The weather today is clear, with no clouds or wind. A perfect day to cleanse your heart, and a perfect day to dive!

Mato Katori

Pool Training (プール実習 Pūru Jisshū) is the eighth chapter of the Kozue Amano manga Amanchu!.

It was originally published in Monthly Comic Blade on June 30th, 2009 and later republished in Amanchu! Volume 2 on February 10th, 2010.


Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 08 - 01
On a clear, cloudless, spring day, Hikari Kohinata, Futaba Ooki and their Diving Club advisor Mato Katori put all their equipment on in preparation to do their first in-pool training. Futaba, who has never worn diving equipment before, is shocked by how heavy the equipment is, but is assured by Mato that even though the equipment weighs almost 30kg it will feel much lighter in the water.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 08 - 02
Hikari dives into the pool, causing a huge splash, followed by Futaba who climbs in slowly. Futaba is immediately dragged backwards by the weight of the equipment, floating on her back. Mato explains it's because of the bouyancy in the equipment that she's still able to float despite the weight, and Futaba is taught by Pikari how to release the air from her dry suit and Buoyancy Control Device (BCD). They begin to dive, but Futaba's mask keeps filling up with water, startling her and making it hard to breathe. On her third attempt, she has a panic attack at the thought of suffocating 10 metres below the surface from the water in her mask. When she surfaces, Mato reminds her of the mask clearing technique. They try again, and she manages to clear her mask succesfully, but the water still keeps getting in.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 08 - 03
When the group surfaces, Futaba tells them she's going to leave for today, disheartened that for whatever reason she's not able to do it. As she walks towards the pool exit, Hikari shouts to her that she can do it if she tries. Futaba insists she can't, but Hikari encourages her, telling her that if she doesn't try, she won't accomplish anything. Futaba is afraid. She reminisces about all the times in her life she's given up on things due to being afraid and missed out on the chance to do things she wanted to. She shouts out to Hikari that she's afraid, who comes over to her and hugs her, telling her not to be afraid because she's right there with her. Hikari adjusts Futaba's mask, and they dive one last time - this time, Futaba's mask doesn't fill with water.

Amanchu (manga) - Chapter 08 - 04
Futaba suddenly realises that she's calmly able to breathe even though she's underwater. She floats around on the bottom of the pool with Hikari, who takes her hands and helps her float down to the deepest part of the pool. Futaba reassures herself that even though she's still afraid, she's ok because Futaba is there with her. The three divers surface, and Mato tells them about the "buddy system" rule that no diver must ever dive alone, they must always pair up with another diver they trust, because your life is in their hands. Mato tells them that Hikari and Futaba are now buddies. Futaba is sure that as long as she and Hikari are together, they can probably accomplish anything they try.

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