aka Advisor Cha
Vital statistics
Name Aria
Kanji ありあ
Romaji Aria
Age -
Gender Male
Affiliation Cats
Birthday -
Race Cat
Eyecolour Blue
Haircolour White
Debut Chapter 3

"Cha!" -Aria
Aria is a side character in the Amanchu! series. He is a cat that resides in Yumegaoka High School, and usually hangs around in the Diver's Club room. He's owned by the principal, and stays with Ohime, another cat in Yumegaoka High, due to the fact that he loves her.

Appearance Edit

Aria has white fur, but his ears have brown fur, and his long tail has brown and white stripes. He has blue eyes, a short muzzle, and the bottom part of his head is wider than the top. Aria is actually quite skinny, and his ears seem to droop down. He also has two light-brown circles at the top of his head, thought to be eyebrows.

Personality Edit

Cha and Hikari

Hikari and Aria

Aria is a very friendly cat, and also a bit of a masochist. He's not shy at all, and approaches students when he feels like it. He's even been on Hikari's head. He's also in love with Ohime, and he's described as her "knight", because he often takes care of her, making sure she's not hurt.

Extra Edit

  • Aria is afraid of water
  • The name 'Aria' probably came from the mars cat named 'Aria' in the other manga Kozue Amano created: "Aria"
  • Aria is very similar to the 'Aria' in the series mentioned above. They both have blue eyes, white fur, and the brown circles at the top of their heads.
  • The nickname Advisor Cha (aka Advisor Tea) was given by Hikari, because of the colour of his tail and ears

References Edit

- Amanchu! Chapter 3 Edit
- Amanchu! Chapter 6 Edit
- Amanchu! Chapter 13.5 Edit

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