"Fun times will always come to an end, right? That's okay...I think. It's okay because then, moments like this can shine brightly in our minds!" -Ai to Peter

Ai Ninomiya
Ai Ninomya
Vital statistics
Name Ai Ninomiya
Kanji 二宮 愛
Romaji Ai Ninomiya
Age 16
Gender Female
Affiliation Student, diver
Birthday -
Race Human
Eyecolour Green
Haircolour Red
Debut Chapter 9

Ai Ninomiya is a main character in the AMANCHU! series. She is a diver and a student in Yumegaoka High School. She's in the same grade as her younger twin brother, Makoto Ninomiya. The two siblings are one year older than Hikari and Futaba.

Appearance Edit

Ai full

Ai has a pinkish-reddish hair colour, and green eyes. Like most characters, she has pale skin. She normally ties her hair into two pigtails at the sides, and three bobby pins to pin up her bangs. On rainy and humid days, she requires many bobby pins to keep her hair tidy, like her brother. Her hair is spiky and shoulder-length, but by the 7th volume, her hair is longer, and even slightly wavy at the bottom.

Personality Edit

Ai is a very spunky and upbeat girl, but she's also very down-to-earth. She has a habit of kicking her brother and forcing him to do things for her. Ai is also quite indecisive; sometimes not very useful at making choices. She also has hypotension, and it takes about 3 hours for her to "get her engines started". Otherwise, she's actually very mature, and a great sempai towards Hikari and Futaba; scolding them when needed, but also caring for them as well as guiding them.


Extra Edit

  • Ai's name means 'love, affection'
  • Ai owns a monkey-styled cold resistant hood
  • She also owns a clover-designed log book
  • Ai wears two upper pieces (bikinis) instead of one
  • At the annual Autumn festival, Ai held the position of a miko

References Edit

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